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White Chip LEDs

By: Dialight

Dialight’s white surface-mount (SMD) LEDs are the ultimate choice for status indication, white goods, industrial control systems, push button backlighting, and symbol lighting. The white color temperature of these LEDs can range from warm (~2700K) to cool (~6500K), making them appropriate for various lighting and indication applications. Dialight offers various packages and sizes for white SMD LEDs, ranging from 0402 to 3216 available in top-view, right-angle, reverse mount, dome lens, and reflector cup versions. This wide range makes it convenient to select the perfect fit for different applications. Their exceptional quality and efficiency make them the preferred choice for achieving optimal performance in consumer goods and computer peripherals. Discover the brilliance and reliability of our white SMD LEDs and take your products to the next level.

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Touch Encoder

By: Grayhill

Grayhill's new Touch Encoder combines the functionalities of a touchscreen, a keypad, and a rotary switch into one. The device supports USB or CAN J1939 communication. Furthermore, it is IP 67 sealed and has an impact-resistant design. The vivid display comes with a 320 X 300 high resolution. The encoder is built to withstand at least 1 million rotational cycles. With highly customizable widgets, the Touch Encoder has the versatility to fit into Aerospace, Automation, Robotics, Marine, and a myriad of user interface applications

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Counter rotating fan

By: Sanyo-Denki

SANYO DENKI has developed and launched the San Ace 40 9CRJ type 40 × 40 × 56 mm Counter Rotating Fan that features the highest static pressure in the industry.* This fan is suitable for cooling 1U servers, switching power supplies, and communications equipment. It also comes with the PWM control function to control the fan speed.

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300 watt resistor


“Our CM300 was developed for a manufacturer of power supplies that wanted to save space, height and weight. Our CM300 is rated up to 300 Watts and is less than 1/10 the size and weight of a conventional RE80 250 Watt chassis mount resistor at a significant cost savings” stated Michael Arcidy, V.P. Engineering at RCD. “It is also less than ½ the height of an SOT227 package, is quicker and easier to mount, and 30% lighter. The product is essentially vibration-proof and is available with insulation ratings up to 5KV. It’s clearly the answer to some of the size and weight issues faced by many design engineers.”

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Membrane Switches

By: Nelson-Miller

Membrane switches offer an alternative alternative to traditional switches. They offer slimmer profile and a sealed design that protects against moisture-related damage. With membrane layers, though, the switch will offer several unique benefits. Below are some of the top benefits of choosing a membrane switch with membrane layers.

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Power IGBT

By: Mitsubishi

IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) module is a device required for inverter use in many types of industrial equipment, and had driven the trend towards high currents and high voltage since 1990. The chip structure also evolved from a flat planar structure to a trench gate structure, and the CSTBT™ (Mitsubishi Electric's unique IGBT that makes use of the carrier cumulative effect) has enabled low loss and smaller size for industrial equipment.

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Electric Vehicle Charging

By: Methode

Methode Power Solutions Group has provided system critical solutions to the world’s leading automotive manufacturers. With millions of our products in automobiles on the road today, we understand the importance of meeting stringent automotive requirements while bringing brand-differentiating ideas to our customers. Methode Power Solutions Group’s technology and manufacturing expertise together bring innovative power distribution products to this growing market.

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HMSR Series


The HMSR is a new generation of high insulated Integrated Current Sensor from LEM. These product family provides a robust, compact and very accurate solution for measuring DC and AC currents in all highly demanding, switching power applications for commercial and industrial markets. HMSR is a micro core based open loop sensor with a reinforced insulation and overcurrent detections (user configurable and factory set).

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EMI Shield Can

By: Harwin

15x10mm RFI Shield Can, 0.15mm thickness EMC Shielding (EMI/RFI Shielding, Board Level Shielding) 15mm x 10mm, 3mm high, 0.15mm shield thickness. Recommended for use with S1721-46R, S0941-46R, S0961-46R, S1001-46R or S0911-46R Surface Mount Shield Clips. Easy to use and rework – no additional soldering operations required.

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Ball Bearing Slides

By: General Devices

This type of slide provides smooth travel for high cycle applications. High precision and smooth operating ball bearing slides are the right choice for delicate instrumentation, high cycle applications, and clean room environments. Ball Bearing slides feature quick and easy installation, have a low push/pull force. We also have models that include our patented Green Button® safety feature, a lock-out mechanism designed to protect against pinched fingers.

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