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Illinois Capacitor has recently introduced a line of rechargeable coin cell batteries with performance superior to market leaders. Through our close involvement with customers and suppliers, IC has been able to consistently deliver the components most needed for today’s high performance end products.

Applications include virtually all types of electronic devices and systems, plus some applications traditionally thought of as being more in the electrical or lighting world.  Markets with the highest growth include wireless communications, electronic power technology, energy management, IGBT, solar and wind power.  Hottest circuit application areas include almost everything from bypass coupling to DC link and pulse circuits.  Supercapacitor (ultra capacitor) are blossoming, as engineers discover the role they can play in powering portable devices.

Dedicated to meeting the industry’s highest quality standards, IC manufactures leading-edge capacitors in a broad range of standard types and values. IC traces its roots over 80 years. Some of the most important patents in electrolytic capacitor technology were registered by IC.


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